Avoid these 7 job search mistakes

Job search can be a frustrating experience for many, with the long interviews and hiring processes in place. While the process may differ from one person to another, there are many a things that are constant and the job search mistakes are common for most. Here are the top 7 most common job search mistakes that can be avoided.

1. Not reaching out to friends and family

When starting your job search, start with the close circle of friends and family. References can go a long way. That cousin or uncle of yours could be a crucial connect or might have someone in their network, to the company you are trying to get into. Be open and do not shy away from asking for help. People will be more than happy to help you out.

2. Being the jack of all trades

Do you have expertise in some technology or niche skill set? Stop applying to every job out there and being irrelevant to recruiters. Instead, focus on jobs that are a best fit for your profile. Keeping your resume and cover letter customized for the job applied for makes the most sense.

3. Not proofreading the application

How would you feel, as a recruiter, when you get a mail, applying to one of your jobs, without the resume attached or with lots of typos? Recruiters spend an average of less than a minute to screen an application and one thing that puts them off is an irrelevant application. Always proofread your job applications. Ask a friend, colleague or confidante to do the proofreading, if you tend to miss the little things before hitting Send. Hiring a professional is also a great option.

4. The social media dilemma

Tech savvy recruiters use social media proactively to stay on top of the game, and onboard great talent. Social recruiting is a skill that recruiters are gaining rapidly to stay relevant. What is posted online on social media and other websites can come against your application since companies do quick background checks to make sure the culture fit is right. Keep the personal and professional boundaries set right.

5. Appearing Desperate

Rejections are part of the game. It can be overwhelming to get rejected multiple times. Get used to it. Coming across as desperate can be walking into the line of fire. Stay confident that the best job will find you. Being confident during interviews pays off.

6. Not being prepared for the interview

Hiring pace can differ from one company to another. What worked for you at one company might not for another job you applied for. That interview could happen sooner than you expect, and not being prepared could lead to a loss of opportunity.

7. Taking rejections personally

Got rejected on your recent interview? Better not to take it personally. Just because you were rejected by a recruiter or a company doesn’t mean they have anything against you. Take the rejection as an opportunity and go for the next position. Your next job is round the corner.

Want to make sure you get the job at your dream company? Try not to make these mistakes among others. Make your mark with recruiters. Build your network. Upskill yourself. Become the better version of yourself. Land your next job at that dream company of yours.

Wish you a happy job search!

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